Joel Galloway
Weak sauce… September 19, 2012
Looks like my blog intentions have taken a massive kick to the b*lls, otherwise known as me being a lazy bastard. It’s true, I know it. (sigh)

Sure, I could blame it on the ease of using other social media sites – yes, I’m talking about you, Facebook – but that would be only half true. The other half is because it’s kinda difficult to be witty, topical and more importantly on-top of your thoughts on a day-to-day basis. It really is, at least for me.

All that said, I am truly going to try and be a better blogger, if only to provde to myself that I have the dicipline and fortitude to finish what I started. One other reason is that a close friend of mine asked why I hadn’t updated my blog in some time and it honestly surprised me that anyone was actually viewing this silly piece of Internet trash.

You learn something new every day, so they say, and this blog is going to test that theory…insofar as it relates to my story. So, tune in from time-to-time and see if I’m able to maintain any sort of momentum and we’ll go from there.

Linktastic Thoughts
Sean Lee sees football Jesus
This hit still makes me angry.

Halloween has new meaning to me (sung to the tune of “Billy Ocean: Suddenly”)
They call it “limited edition” for a reason, folks.

Follow the bouncing, um…

I would have watched the hell out of this in my youth. You’re right, I’d still watch it today.

It rubs the lotion on its skin or else it gets the hose again
I just didn’t feel comfortable using the actual quote for this photo. I’m sorry, regardless.

Rosario Dawson Didn’t Have A Boyfriend In High School
Because of course she didn’t. Whatever.

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